Simplifies from start to end,
every phase of recruitment.

Basic Features

We have all the reasons to make your recruiters happy and powerful.

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#Candidate Preference

Job information at one Spot

Create your job with user friendly forms, set expectations from candidates. System will automatically template job description and specifications for future use.

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#Social hiring #Referral Management #Careers site

Easy to source talent

Use our mobile responsive, plug and play career site templates with 100% own branding. Leverage social network for employee referral and management.

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#Resume Parsing #Custom Form

Collect the right information

Collect profile data seamlesly and accurately through our advanced resume parser, ask additional information through custom application forms; Eventually make candidate's experience smoother

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#Collaborative Hiring#Hiring Process

Conduct Interview like a pro

Organize your hiring with custom process, assign interviewer/ evalutor roles to team members for interview and collaborate with ease.

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#Application History #Comments

Data to assess candidates

Assess each candidate based on previous job application experience with your company, source from which candidate application arrived and interviewer/ evaluator remarks about the candidate in each hiring stage.

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Premium Features

Schedule Jobs

Recruiters can schedule Jobs to publish and expire based on requirement.

Block Candidates

Recruiters can block candidates conditionally by period and business function.

Custom Review

Interviewers/Evaluators can give custom ratings on candidates based on interview performace.

Compare Candidates

Interviewers/Evaluators and recruiters can compare candidates based on score given by different evaluators.

Bulk action

Recruiters can conduct bulk action on candidates to archive or move to other process.

Advanced filter

Recruiters can filter candidates based on keywords, source and who are evaluating/interviewing.

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