Welcome to SpotAxis

We are serious about your hiring needs and your growth.

We are automating
The recruitment process.

At SpotAxis, we are determined to solve some serious hiring problems and help companies to hire the best candidates.
So, we work with companies of various sizes and domains to understand their hiring problem, to innovate a solution that exactly counters the problem.

Worried about increase in time of recruitment cycle?

Worried about increase in cost of recruitment and still no best candidate?

If your company/ recruiter is facing any of the following problems, then you should try us:

1. Many irrelevant profiles/resumes/applications.
2. Applications scattered at different places, like emails, job boards etc.
3. Not efficiently sourcing from company's career site for talent sourcing.
4. Not efficiently utilizing employee referral.
5. Unorganized or adhoc hiriing process.
6. Recruiter's co-ordination with interviewer and candidates for scheduling interview
7. Recruiter's co-ordination with interviewers to collect scores for review.
8. Candidates having a poor interview experience

We aim high to bring better experience for Recruiters(Internal), interviewers and candidates through technological innovation that can address the mentioned the vital problems

We believe in building partnership with companies to understand their core hiring problems and
evolve our solution to counter the exact problem.



SpotAxis is a prouduct of Travelder Infosolutions Private Limited based in Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore), India.

Vision: To create a solution which will be a default recruitment product of choice for every organization.

Mission: To automate all redundant recruitment functions. To Support data driven decision while hiring.


Holesh Priyankar

" MBA and BTech grad who have worked with corporates and several early stage startups."


Saket Shukla

" BTech grad with experience from several early stage startups and passionate about technologies."


Srinivas Sahoo

" MBA grad with wide range of experience in sales and recruitment, contributed as VP for the growth of naukri.com in its core team."